Extravaganza Mini

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Happy Friday everyone!!! We have an adorable mini for you to try today.
We are using Lila Tueller's line Extravaganza for this bright and beautiful quilt.
You can find these fabrics by clicking the SHOP link above :)

Here is what you will be going for.

Alright, here we go!

Supplies List:

16- 5" Squares (White)

16- 5" Squares (Prints)

2- 1"x 17 1/2" Strips (Green for Stems)




The finished mini quilt should be 18 1/2" wide by 17 1/2" tall.

Step 1:
Create the leaf template by folding a 5" square of paper in fourths. Draw the leaf shape and cut it out. 

Step 2:
Use this template to cut 16 leaf shapes from your printed fabric. Use your favorite applique technique to stitch these leaf shapes onto the white 5" squares.

Step 3:
Refer to the finished quilt pictures to layout the white squares with leaves in the desired order.
 Stitch 4 of them together to create a column. 


Step 4:
Stitch 1 column to each side of the green stem strips. (At this point you should have 2 sections consisting of a green stem with leaf columns on each side)

Step 5:
Stitch the 2 sections together. Refer to the photo of the finished quilt for block placement. 

Step 6:
Quilt and bind as desired!
(We stitched in the ditch for ours, get as creative as you'd like)

(Working on this in a dark hotel room didn't produce the best quality pictures haha)

That's it! Super easy mini quilt that is perfect for Spring, Summer, a little girls room, or really anything you can think of. We love it and hope you do as well!

Let us know what you think!
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