Microwavable Bowl "Potholders"

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Hello CottonCrates readers!!! My name is Janelle I am one of the creators of CottonCrates. We are so excited to have a weekly sewing tutorial to show you how you can use your CottonCrates fabrics. 
Check back with us each Friday to find something new to make!!

Don't you just hate when you have heated up your favorite soup and go to take it out of the microwave, then forget that the bowl is hot and practically burn your fingers off? We sure do, and now you won't even have to touch the bowl! Yay!! Today we will be making some microwavable bowl "potholders". These are perfect for this cold weather. 

So here is how its done-

What you will need:

2 coordinating fat quarters per bowl 100% cotton
(I made 3 bowls so I used 6 fat quarters)

100% Cotton Batting

Cotton Thread

Quilting Ruler and Mat

Fabric Marker

Sewing Machine

Something to push corners out

You want to make sure to use 100% cotton materials because synthetic fibers could melt or catch fire while microwaving. Make sure the batting you choose does not contain any scrim or glue as these will catch fire as well! 

Alright, now that you have all the materials you will need lets get started!

To figure out how big you need to cut the fat quarters you will need to measure the bowl. Take a measuring tape and go from one side of the bowl to the other like this:
(I lost my fabric ruler so I had to resort to my husbands work measuring tape...yours will be more accurate. I also rounded up)

You will then cut an 11" square from your 2 fat quarters and 2 11" squares of batting.

Now place the fat quarters right side up on top of the batting squares.

Quilt the top of each with an "X" using a straight stitch and going diagonal 
from corner to corner. (Sorry this is so hard to see.. look closely and its there)

We are now going to make darts to give the bowl its shape. 
Fold the quilted square in half right sides together. To find the center for the dart you will take the folded side and line it up on the quilting mat grid. You will want to mark a stitch line about 1" in and 2 1/4" down to make the dart. Pin and repeat on all four sides. 

Sew along marked lines making sure to back tack the ends, then trim seams.

At this point you should have the shape of 2 bowls.  


Now pin the bowls right sides together making sure to match dart seams and corners. Sew together using a 1/4" seam, make sure to leave about a 3" hole for turning (make sure the hole is along a straight edge not a corner, this just makes your life a lot easier)

Flip right side out, push out corners and then top stitch the hole.


You are done!!! 

This pattern is very forgiving and you can adjust each dart to the length and depth you need. Just test the fit of the bowl before the darts are sewn and adjust as needed. 

I absolutely love mine! They are great for hot cereals in the morning or a nice warm bowl of soup (or in my case Ramen Noodles) in the evenings. 
*Use only in microwave and not in a conventional oven or toaster oven*

We hope you enjoy this easy project. Fabric used in this tutorial is Ardently Austin subscription box. You can find this box by clicking the SHOP link above! Thanks for stopping by, see you next week :)

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