Pieced Heart Pillow

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Friday... Friday... Friday!!! Hip Hip Hooray :)

Today we will be showing you how to make this adorable pillow

I am so excited about this one because I have been wanting to make a pillow to match my 
daughters crib quilt and room!! Yay!

This is what you will need for the front of the pillow:
10- 1/2 Square Triangles
20- Colored Squares
6- White Squares

You will need to measure your pillow form and do a little bit of math to figure out the correct size for the squares. Our pillow form is 18" so our squares were cut to 3 1/2" each
Here is the formula to use:
Width of pillow form divided by 6+1/2"=Size of each square
18 divided by 6 = 3" + 1/2" = 3 1/2" squares

After you have all of the pieces cut arrange the pieces into the heart shape like so-

Next, making sure to keep the rows exactly as is, you will want to sew rows 
together using 1/4 seam allowance. After each row is sewn, press the seams.
A good tip is to iron each rows seams in opposite directions. 

Get all rows sewn, then sew those rows together.

Cut 2 pieces for the back ours, were 19 x 12
On each piece fold over twice and stitch on one long side.

Lay the front piece (heart) right side up and the the 2 back pieces laying on top of each other right side down toward heart. (right sides together) Overlapping the stitched edges in the middle.
**We cut the back larger (19") to give us some wiggle room with the finished size of the front.** 
 Pin and stitch or serge around outer edge.
That's it! All done :)

Isn't it just perfect! I can't wait to get it in my little girls room and take pictures 
with the matching quilt.

Have a great weekend. See you next Friday!

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