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I've been cutting blocks with a lot of pieces and I was worried about keeping them organized. Then one night it came to me! I took some clips and used a permanent marker to label them A, B, C, etc. Using the same labels as the pattern was calling for. These clips kept all the pieces together, allowed me to move them around easily and identify them quickly. 

The writing was permanent on the clips so I didn't have to worry about it rubbing off. The only problem I ran into was getting all the pieces into just one clip, but that can easily be fixed by making duplicate clips.

I've seen pins with numbers on them in stores. Used to mark rows or blocks for organization, you can make your own in the same manner as the clips, just grab a permanent marker and add numbers.

I also use pins to mark spots that I need to remember. Such as places that my blocks didn't come out equal. The pin in this picture will remind me that my fabric is short in this spot and I need to make my seam allowance smaller here to maintain my block size.

We hope these tips are useful. We'd love to hear any tips and tricks that you have for pins and clips!! 
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