Wonky Block Tutorial

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Yay for Friday!! We are so excited for the weekend, lots of sewing projects in store :)
This Friday we are doing a fun and pretty easy quilt block that you can do so many different things with. It is the Wonky Block.

This was my first time making this block and I am no expert but I felt is was very beginner sewer friendly. So.. if I can do it, so can you! 

I had so much fun making this block, like I said this way is quite easy, so here it is.

For this specific wonky block you will need 3 different fat quarters. You will end up with 3 different quilt blocks after they are all finished. 

First you will want to cut your fat quarters to make them square at 18"x 18" (You can always use a smaller square to start off as well but keep in mind that your finished block will be smaller than what you started with)

Make sure that all 3 blocks are stacked on top of each other and make a wonky cut on the left and right sides like so... ( I would advice keeping the smaller ends above a 2" width)

Next, you will move those pieces to the side and make wonky cuts on the top and bottoms of your center piece. 

Slide all 4 edges away from center and now you will make 2 wonky cuts on the center piece.

Alright last cut... Take the very center cut and make 2 more wonky cuts.

Now that we are all done cutting (for now) we are going to shuffle the pieces around to get the look for our wonky block. Leaving the 4 outside pieces there you will take the next square and move the top fabric to the bottom of the pile. 

Now take the center square and move the top 2 pieces to the bottom.

After getting the right squares with each other I decided it would make my life easier to move each block to its own place on my counter. For now we are only making the above block.

Now we start sewing. Starting with your center piece you will pin the piece directly above it like so

Straight stitch them together with a 1/4" seem then press the seem open and then pin the bottom 
to the center piece.

Awesome! It should now look like this

As you can see you will need to do some trimming to make it look pretty and easier for
 you to attach the next pieces to it. Just take your straight ruler and trim the edges, cutting 
as little of the fabric off as you can.

Now pin and sew the right side. 

After this is sewn press seems open

Now sew and press left side, it should look like this before trimming.

Trim the sides just like the first time, cutting as little fabric off as possible.

Alright last strips!! You need to make sure to make sure to sew the top and bottom on first.
Not the sides or else it wont work (speaking from experience)  


Now just sew on the left and right sides :)

Now that all strips have been sewn on you will need to trim down the block. I was able to get a block that was 15"x 15" in the end.  Here is the end result:

Once you have multiple blocks you can make lots of different things. I plan to only use my 3 blocks and quilt together a table runner for this summer. And of course you can make an adorable quilt as well. There are a lot of different wonky blocks out there so give it a try and let us know what you think! 

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day :)

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