Kids Reversible Apron

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 Happy, happy, happy FRIDAY!!! It's been a long and busy week for us here at
CottonCrates, so we are excited for the weekend to be here.
This week we made an adorable AND reversible kids apron for
our last Calico Days box tutorial. We think you will love it!


Here is what you will need:
3 fat quarters from the box
3 yds of matching Ric Rac
(and the obvious, sewing machine, thread, cutting board, etc)
To get started you want to cut the selvage off of the bottom of the fat quarters and
then square up if needed to 18"x22"
With 2 fat quarters you will fold them in half and measure over 4" from fold and then
down 10" from top, mark each of these with marking pen and lay ruler along those marks.
Like pictured:
Cut along this line
From the 3rd fat quarter you will cut 3 strips measuring 3"x18"(for the ties). And then cut 4 rectangles measuring 4.5"x6"(for the pockets)
You should have pieces that look like this:
Place Two 4.5"x6" rectangles right sides together. Using a 1/4" seam allowance
stitch around all four sides leaving an opening on one long side for turning.
Repeat for the other 4.5"x6" rectangles. Turn these rights side out and press.
On the opposite side of the opening top stitch down 3/4" on long edge. For topstitching.
On each of the 3"x18" strips fold in half wrong sides together and press to create crease. 
Open and fold again raw edges toward the middle fold previously created, press.
Fold down 1/4" on 1 end of 2 strips, press. (These create waistband ties)
Refold on original pressed line, press again.
On waistband ties, top stitch along small folded side and down long folded side.
On the neck strap, top stitching down the long folded side is all that is needed.
Adding Pocket to Fronts:
 Fold each rectangle in half along the 6" side and press to find center line.
Fold each apron body piece in half long ways to find center front on apron.
Measuring from top of apron 8" down, place top of pocket and make sure that top
stitch side is toward top of apron.
Align pressed center lines of pocket and apron, pin.
Top stitch on sides and bottom of pocket, making sure to back tack at top.

Adding Ric Rac:
Top stitch ric rac 1" from top of apron, and the 1" & 2" from bottom of apron.
(You can get as creative as you would like with this part)

On one apron front,
Pin raw edges of neck strap 1" in from sides at the neck.
Pin ties 1" from sides making sure they are even on both sides.
Place other apron front right sides together. Pin all the way around.
Stitch all the way around apron leaving a 6" opening at bottom of apron for turning.
Turn and top stitch all the way around the apron
That's it! An easy and adorable apron for any little one in your life.

These make great gifts :)

 (Someday we will have real actual models that these fit on hahahahaha
we couldn't find one this week)
 Make sure to tag us in all of your quilting creations especially ones that you
have used your CottonCrates boxes!! We absolutely love seeing them :)

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  1. Just finished making mine.... so adorable! You guys are the best! Thank you for sharing!