Thread Catcher

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Another Friday has arrived.
Today we are doing a cute thread catcher pattern
The Fat Quarter Gypsy

The information to find the pattern
 for this project is available
This little Pop-Up uses one Fat Quarter.
After I started sewing, I decided to make my
hanging tab red.  So, I used the
floral shown and a small 3" strip of the red
from the box.
The written instructions in the pattern are
good, with plenty of illustrations
and measurements. I could find
anything I would change.

The pattern comes as a kit, it includes
the elastic, the spring, pattern and
a cute tab to place in the seam.
I had this cute measuring tape twill that
I wanted to use in place of the ribbon
 they provide.
This is a quick easy sew, and would make
a great present for all of
your quilting friends.  They sell
refill kits that contain everything
you need to make another
without purchasing the pattern again.

When you get to attaching the bottom piece.
Pin, Pin, Pin!!!
I'm a big advocate of pinning, it saves
me SEW much time and SEW many
A great accessory to add to your
quilt retreat bag.
Which FQ will you use?
Tag us and let us see what you've done
with your box. #CottonCrates
Until next Friday.

Cotton Crates

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