Baby Bib Tutorial

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Baby Bib Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone, I hope this finds you happy and healthy. Spring is my favorite time of year, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine, as I am.  Today let's work on this cute baby bib.

You will need:
March Box
16 X 13 Flannel (For Back)
1 1/2" Piece of Velcro
Fabric Marking Pen
Embroidery Floss
Basic Sewing Supplies
Bib Pattern from Here

Let's Get Started:
For the pieced strips, cut 16 2" squares, one of which is red.
2-1" X 13" Strip-from Black
1-2" X 13" Strip-from Black
13" X 9" Rectangle-from your choice for top of bib
13" X 3" Rectangle-from your choice for bottom of bib
Cut 44" of 2 1/2" bias binding from the red
Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout

Piecing the Bib Front:
Sew 8 of the 2" squares together, repeat for the second strip. Add a 1" black strip to the top of one pieced section and a 1" strip to the bottom of the next section. These are cut longer than the pieced sections. Add the middle to one of these segments and trim excess off of the ends.

Stitch these two strips together to form the middle section of the bib.
Add the 13" X 9" piece to the top and the 13" X 3" piece to the bottom.

Create the Pattern:
Print two pattern pieces off, cut one of the bottom sections out and tape to the bottom of the opposite piece, lining up the dashed lines and aligning the fold lines. I then traced this onto a folded paper and cut out the whole bib pattern so that I could place it on the pieced portion easily.

Cut out the Bib:
Lay the pieced bib front fabric on top of the flannel with wrong sides together.  Working from the front of the bib, lay the pattern piece on top of this sandwich, making sure that the piecing is 1" down from the bottom of the neck hole, so that the binding will be easier.

Add a Name:
Using a fabric marker that will show up on your fabric, write the name.  Use embroidery floss to follow the markings and stitch out the name.  I used a white quilting pencil, 3 strands of floss and a back stitch.

With the front and flannel back together attach the binding. Start on one side, to make finishing the binding easier. attach the bias binding around the outside of the bib. Use your favorite method for binding, I sew it to the front and then fold it to the back to topstitch in the ditch from the front.

Pin, Pin, Pin!!! I pin from the front making sure that the pin is catching the binding in the back.  If I put the pin down through the ditch and go through the binding on the back, stitching from the front is a breeze.

Stitch the binding down, from the top, and in the ditch. It will be curvy and seem to curl up around the neck section, but keep going it will press out. You must use bias binding, it's the only way you can get around the sharp curves of this pattern.

Press, Press, Press!!! Iron it flat.


Stitch the pieces of Velcro to the neck section, one on each side.

Done, Done, Done!!!!

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