Customizable Book Cover

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Today's tutorial is a customizable book cover.
This cover works best on a book that can
be bent completely backward, so a softcover or
something with a flexable binding.
We used a composition notebook.
After going through this blog post, you should
be able to customize a cover for a book
or your choice.


Gather your supplies:
14" X 19" Fabric for outer cover
2- 3" X 14" Fabric for decorative pieces
2-11" X 11" Fabric for lining
11" X 8" Fabric for center lining
12" Jumbo RicRac
14" X 19" Deco Bond Interfacing
Composition Notebook
Marking Pen
Basic Sewing Supplies

 Fuse the interfacing to the back of the main
fabric piece.
Lay the book on the wrong side of the 
interfaced fabric and trace around it.
Be generous, leave a little wiggle
room between the book and the
drawn line.

Stitch on this drawn line, this will give you
a shape to work with on the front of the fabric.
I added the embellishments to the front first and I didn't get them
exactly straight.  I would stitch this outline first.

 Add your embellishments to the front.
We folded the 2-3" X 14" pieces, wrong
sides together, press and stitch the
raw edge down, layering them as shown.
Adding the RicRac last to cover up the last
raw edge.
Use your imagination, add an applique, buttons
decorative trims, a small pieced quilt
block or a strip of flying geese.
Fold the 2-11" X 11" lining pieces
in half wrong sides
together, press.

Finish the long edges of the center lining
11" X 8" piece. I serged the edges. 

Lay the folded lining pieces on top
of the outer book cover piece. Make sure
that the pieces cover the stitching that outlines
the book and that the folded edge is
towards the center of the cover. Pin.
Now place the lining center piece down
the middle, right side down and
making sure that the edges cover the
folded edges of the previous pieces. Pin.
Stitch outside the line that you traced around
the outside edge of the book, pulling pins
as you come to them and making sure that
the edges of the center piece do not get
folded under. Stitch just outside the line
to give the cover a little more room
to fit around the book.
Trim 1/8" away from the stitched line.

 Turn the cover right side out.
Turn the center piece first and then
the outer covers.
 Slide the book into the sleeves of the cover.
What will you use your book for?
Let us know.
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