Reversible Ruffle Throw Pillow

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Happy Friday Everyone!! We hope you are all having a great day.
This weeks tutorial is a reversible, ruffle throw pillow.
I made this to match my grey, white and black bedroom :)
You will need:
-3 fat quarters from March's box
(I chose 2 print and a solid for the ruffle)
-And a pillow form
(Mine is 16")
In order to cut the fabric to the correct size to the form that you will have you want to add 1" to each side. Therefore, I will be cutting 18"x18" squares of fabric. Cut your 2 fat quarters that you want for the front and back of the pillow to the size you just measured.
Next you will be cutting the strips for the ruffle.
You will need:
4 Strips that are 2"x16"
2 Strips that are 4"x16"
Sew together 2 of the 2"x16" strips so that you have 1 2"x32" strip. Repeat with the other 2" strips.
Sew together the 4"x16" strips so that you have a 4"x32" strip.
You should now have 3 strips.. 2-2"x32" and 1-4"x32"
Now for the ruffles. On your sewing machine you will want to switch to the longest straight stitch on your machine. Mine is a 5. Leave enough thread on the end for pulling to gather. On your 2" strips you will be sewing on the side approx. 1/4 in from the edge. On your 4" strip you will be sewing straight down the middle. After you sew you will want to grab the top thread and begin to pull on it. You should see it begin to gather. I also pushed my fabric while pulling to make the exact ruffle I wanted. After doing this to all 2 strips they should look like this:
Next, you will need to place and pin the ruffles on the fabric. Start by finding the center of your fabric and mark it with a pin or fabric marker. I then measured out 1" on both sides. This is where I placed my 2" ruffle strips. Pin!
Once pinned go back to the sewing machine (making sure to switch back to the normal length stitch, around a 2) and sew along the already stitched line as close as you can.
Next, place the 4" ruffle strip on top of the others like so:
Pin, and again sew along the already sewn line as closely as you can. Take it slow if needed :)

Now that we have our lovely ruffles sewn on it gets super easy from here!
Place your fabrics right sides together.
 and sew around 3 of the edges, leaving a hole or full side to slip the pillow form into. I decided to leave about an 8" hole on one side a shove the pillow from through so I didn't have to hand sew the entire 4th side. But if you like to hand stitch it is easier to put the pillow in and then just stitch that side.
(Another tip.... DO NOT choose a side that has the ruffles on it to hand stitch.
That makes it much more complicated)
After stitching the sides, make sure to cut the corners. This makes the corners come out pointy after turning right side out and pushing them out.
Flip your pillow case right side out.
Now stick the pillow form inside and then stitch up the hole by hand!
That's It!!!


Pretty easy and super cute. I love how this turned out. It will look great in my bedroom once I have everything all finished... someday haha

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