MiniMini Quilt (Viewfinder)

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It's Friday!!
We are attending International Quilt Market
this weekend.  Looking for new fabrics, great patterns
and new inspirational ideas.

This week let's make a mini mini quilt.
I choose this darling viewfinder, it brings
back memories from my childhood.
Finishes 8 X 8, and a warning, it is
challenging.  I would say this is an advanced
project.  I didn't think there was such a thing as
an advanced project in paper piecing, but, I found
out different.  This one threw me for a loop, as I'll
show you later.
Gather your supplies.
I used two of the fat quarters from the April
box.  Scraps of white and black. The pattern
is from The Paper-Pieced Home created by
Penny Layman.  I purchased it from Amazon.
This book has some great projects with modern
objects represented. Love, Love, Love It!!
There is a cd included with the designs.
So its easy to print from your home printer.

I started this around bedtime one evening. That was mistake #1!
I quickly found out that my brain doesn't function after dark. As you can see above you can see what mistake #2 was. While piecing the second half of the viewfinder I reversed the colors. So I went to bed.. upset of course! Then started over in the morning. The project went much easier with a full nights sleep :)

The funnest part of this project, was finding the tiny images to fit in the film of the viewfinder. You could use a theme such as all flowers, any kind of funky images are really fun. If you wanted to get really creative you could even embroider or hand draw them as well. 

I think it turned out super cute, and I plan on making a few more!!
Join us next week for a rainbow mug rug to finish off our month of color. 

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