Rainbow Mug Rug

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It's Friday!!! 
Hopefully you have a fun 3 day weekend planned with Memorial Day on Monday :)

This weeks tutorial is a cute Rainbow Mug Rug

You will need:
14 FQ's from April's CottonCrates box
Fabric for binding (Could use the last FQ from box)
Backing (Any Color)
Downloadable Pattern found HERE

This pattern is a paper piecing pattern and it is on the simpler side.
If you do not know how to do paper piecing HERE is a great tutorial on YouTube to show you how. 

Since we are looking to get the colors in ROY G BIV order I laid mine all out exactly how I wanted them. I do wish now that I would have done warm colors on top and cool colors on bottom, but it still turned out well.

Follow the paper piecing for both pieces numbered 1-7.

After piecing together mine looked like this:

You will now want to trim all the excess off. You will then start to carefully take the paper pieces off of the back. 

The front of your two pieces should now look like this:

Now it is time to sew them together. Place right sides together and sew a 1/4" seem allowance. 

After is is sewn together you will want to press the center seam open. Hint: Make sure that this is pressed all the way open, not to one side or the other. If it is pressed to the side it creates a bump on that side when looking at it from the front. 

Now it is time to trim it up. I cut mine down to exactly 6"x6".

After trimming you want to cut your batting and backing, making sure to cut them bigger than your pieced front. 

Now quilt away!!! You can get really creative with this part.
I decided to do horizontal lines from top to bottom. After getting it all done, it wasn't my favorite part of it but it still looks okay :)

After quilting it is time to bind. 

After binding you are all finished!!!

Like I said I would have changed a few little things on my final product. But I am still happy with the result. 

This was our last post for our April box of Color!!
Next Friday is our first Backyard Roses blog. We can't wait to cut into those beautiful fabrics.

Make sure to tag us on your social media when you open your boxes or make anything with them. We would love to feature you on our social media.
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Until next time! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend. 

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