Applique Quilt Block

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Yay!!! It's Friday!!!
Let's work on this darling applique block.
I did a google search for applique blocks and
found this one. 
Do a search and find a block you'd like to create. 
Download it or draw it out. 

Gather your supplies.  We choose 3 FQ's from
the Backyard Roses box.  We are going to use the fusible 
applique method so we have our heat n bond. 
And we are using a template to create the
applique pieces. 

We cut our background fabric 8 1/2" square and ironed
folds through the center and from corner to corner. We 
starch this background fabric from both the front
and the back.
Trace your pieces and trim to within 1/4", iron them 
to the backs of your chosen fabrics and trim on 
the lines. Fuse these pieces to the background fabric, lining 
them up on the lines you pressed previously. 

We stitched with a blanket stitch.  You can also
use a small zig zag stitch with matching thread or
with a monofilament thread.  You could even leave the
edges raw and rely on the quilting to secure it. 

4 of these cute blocks would make a darling
wall hanging or line them up in a row and
create a table runner. 

Use your imagination, I add applique to 
a lot of things. If I cannot find something that matches
I will trace a design from the fabric and enlarge
it on the copy machine and applique it to a 
center block, across a car seat tent, or 
as a picture for a friend.  Use your child's artwork, 
clip art, templates or pinterest ideas to create 

Have fun, enjoy the process!!! 
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