Car Diddy Bag

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Car Diddy Bag
Today we are making this cute Diddy bag for your car. 
You can get the free pattern here
Car Diddy Bag
Gather your supplies
The pattern calls for 1/2 yard cuts. 
I choose 2-1/4 yard pieces.  This gave me 
more contrast and variety. 
Cut your pieces and fuse the foam to the outside 
piece.  I found the foam gave plenty of body, 
and I will use Decobond for the next one I 
make.  This is a great project to
use up those scraps of interfacing you have 
saved from other projects. 

Follow the pattern directions and stitch up 
your bag. 
I would add a line of stitching down the
middle of the pocket on the front to 
divide it into two.  I think I would like to
be able to put my cell phone in one side
and have it more accessible. 

Stop back by next friday for the first tutorial using 
the June box.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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