Spool Quilt Block

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Hello Again Everyone!!!
This weeks tutorial is an adorable and simple spool quilt block by moosequilts.com

All you need for this block is your CottonCrates box, Tonal gray for spool & Low volume for background and border.

We used our lovely May CottonCrates box of Backyard Roses for the "thread" part of the block. It turned out great!

Konda from moosequilts.com makes it so easy to follow along with her easy to use FREE pattern you can find on her 
website by clicking HERE. The improv part is so fun, you can truly make it your own. 

I have seen so many different renditions of this block, and it is very popular right now. You can do a simple background like we chose, or add all sorts of fun fabrics from your stash.

This Photo is one Moose Quilts had on her website:

                                Photo Credit: moosequilts.com

Have fun with this block and make sure to tag us when you make it with your lovely CottonCrates box ;) 

Next week we will be using the Backyard Roses to create some FQ Bias Tape. This is extra handy to have on hand, especially when it is made of such adorable fabrics!
Have a great weekend, see you next week. 

Cotton Crates

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