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Quatro Colour Quilt Block

Happy Friday everyone.  July's box is shipping
this afternoon and we are working hard today. 
Have you seen this gorgeous quilt? 
I love how the background fades from the
black center to the white outside border.
It's super scrappy!!  This is my favorite quilt
from Spring '16 quilt market. And I couldn't wait
to learn to do English paper piecing.
I don't know if I'll get one made, it has 100 blocks,
but it was fun learning a new technique and
experimenting with the fabric layout.
For me, it would be one of those lifelong projects.
If you, like me, have never done
English paper piecing, aka epp.
Jump online and watch Sue Daley's
videos.  She has several and does an
excellent job explaining how to do it and
she has the fastest most efficient way of
doing epp.  She also has the very
best products available. 
I stitched sections together, and then
joined these rows.  I felt like this gave
me a longer seam to stitch in the final steps. 
I would also jump from piece to piece
in spots that were not too far away. 
Love love love the gluing method. This makes
it faster and I think the papers will come
out easier in the end. 

Give this technique a try and tag us 
with your creations.  We love to see
what you've created with the fabric
we send you. 
Up next Friday is the surprise project on the blog.
Hmmm, what shall we create?  Any ideas?  Let us 
know what you'd like to see us feature. 

Cotton Crates

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